Le Mas de Montet was first settled in the Roman times and the name of the estate dates back to that period two thousand years ago.

The relatively formal Renaissance style of the current Château today also boasts of architectural features from the 15th and 16th centuries which were preserved during the various stages of renovations to the property.
In the 19th century Le Mas de Montet was the home of the Marquis de Nattes.

The Marquis de Nattes undertook significant alterations to the property and planted the park with unusual and exotic trees. He became a national hero leading the Dordogne infantry against the Prussians in the Franco-Prussian war, and is commemorated at the war memorial in nearby Ribérac.

Le Mas de Montet passed through the hands of several owners over the course of the next forty years.  In the early 1960s, the property was bought by the Duvert-Rolland family, who farmed the estate and managed a hôtel-restaurant.

It was during this time that Président François Mitterand became a frequent guest at the Château which is not far from his family home, Toutvent. He loved this area and returned to it in later years when he was in need of peace and tranquility. He frequently stayed at the Château, appreciating its calm to contemplate affairs of state, conduct private meetings with his ministers and walk his Labradors in the Grande Allée. The rooms he occupied are today known as the Mitterand Suite.

The Château closed in 1997 and was completely renovated to modern standards prior to re-opening in 2005 under the ownership of two British partners.

Much of the estate was devastated by the storm of 1999. Whilst requiring a great deal of work over the coming years, this has also provided an exciting opportunity to create new gardens, recreate the kitchen gardens and orchard, renovate the park and rejuvenate the woodland. The present owners took over the management of the Château in June 2010. After more than two thousand years, Le Mas de Montet continues to evolve.